Custom crafting recipes

This minecraft server has some custom crafting recipes. This page shows how to craft them and what they do.

Portable Workbench.
With this you can craft without having to put down a crafting table every time

Portable Enderchest.
With this you can access your ender chest without having to put one down everytime

Magic Saddle.
With this you can ride almost all entities. Even players.

Compressed Cobblestone.
This is mostly meant for easier cobblestone storage

With this you can transport entities across great distances and even to other worlds

With this you can pick an entity up and shoot it away.

Sniper Bow.
With this bow you can zoom in by sneaking. Do note you can't move while zoomed in


This item is used to craft wands.

Weather Wand.

With this item you can change the weather on the server.

Time Wand.
With this item you can change the day time on the server.

Compressed Obsidian.
Used to craft the portal

Portal to the end battle
Used to travel to the end battle arena

Popup Station.
Used to craft all popup items

Popup Core
Used in all popup crafting recipes