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GTA Online archive.


When you see that you get cash. leave the camera and imidiatly call lester. once his menu pops up click cancel casino heist. when you did that finish the scout mission. when you are done with that join another session go to your arcade and start the heist again. now there will automatically be a target without you doing any mission.


When you get into the vault move to a free card with gold on it start picking 1 gold bar off it then leave the picking. after that start picking again and you should have a full cart now.

instead of going in the parking space go into the drive way before those and keep on going straight into the wall.


there is none as we know of. just restart the heist and it should be fixed. going thru will only soft lock the game for everyone in that heist meaning you have to restart the whole game

You can still make it you just have to sneak out of that room and make a run for it. exiting the casino ground will be harder but still doable. no real reason to restart.

not really any fix to be honest. just die and restart the heist you will not be able to make it thru the casino using our tactics while detected.

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